Hospital da Luz


Hospital da Luz, the healthcare network of the Luz Saúde Group, is a leading reference in the private health sector in Portugal. Our commitment is to ensure the best diagnosis and medical treatment that talent, innovation and dedication can provide.

Hospital da Luz Network - Excellence and Innovation

With 7 hospitals and 8 outpatient clinics with urgent care, Hospital da Luz offers significant geographical coverage in the North, Center and South Central of Portugal, including Hospital da Luz Lisboa, the biggest and best in class private hospital in the country, and Hospital da Luz Arrábida, a first-line hospital, serving the greater Oporto area and the North of the country.

Offering all medical and surgical specialties, as well as several differentiated, multidisciplinary centers, Hospital da Luz healthcare units provide patients with a comprehensive and integrated approach to care, essential for the provision of quality care.

Hospital da Luz Lisboa – the flagship hospital of Luz Saúde

Hospital da Luz Lisboa, the flagship general hospital of Luz Saúde, is the largest and best in class private hospital in Portugal. The expertise of the clinical staff, including over 400 physicians, in addition to the technological innovation found in the hospital’s advanced medical equipment and information systems, and its award winning architecture, all contribute to Hospital da Luz Lisboa serving as a model of medical excellence and innovation at the international level. Among its clinical achievements, is the Arrhythmology Laboratory of the Hospital da Luz Lisboa, currently the 3rd largest center in Europe in terms of the number of patients treated using the stereotaxic magnetic navigation system. Hospital da Luz Lisboa also advances the medical options available in Portugal through developments in minimally invasive surgery, namely robotic surgery. Hospital da Luz Lisboa was the first Portuguese hospital to have Da Vinci robotic surgical system in 2010, and since then, has performed more than 800 robotic surgeries, 75% of which were in oncology patients.

Hospital da Luz Arrábida – A reference in the north of Portugal The Hospital da Luz Arrábida is regarded as a leader in medical excellence and innovation in the north of Portugal, and is actively involved in clinical studies, training new medical professions and medical symposia for the larger physician community in Porto. As an early adopter of advanced medical technology, sophisticated information systems, and a focus on multidisciplinary approach to patient management, Hospital da Luz Arrábida has distinguished itself in several clinical areas such as orthopedics and ophthalmology. The comfortable and open spaces, superior customer service, and hotel quality inpatient services add an additional level of comfort and confidence for our clients.

General list of healthcare services available across the Hospital da Luz network*: • Primary care and check-up packages • All medical and surgical specialties, including multidisciplinary centers • Urgent /Emergency care • Differentiated diagnostics and advanced treatment options • State of the art operating theaters • Intensive, intermediate and continuous care units • Maternity and pediatric units • Neurologic, cardiac and orthopedic rehabilitation • Dental medicine * The services available may vary according to the healthcare unit selected. International Patient Services can guide you to the most appropriate and convenient hospital or clinic in the Hospital da Luz network, as well as indicate the most experienced physician in the relevant medical specialty for your case. Among the multidisciplinary specialized centers, include: • Obesity Treatment Center • Center of Robotic Surgery and Minimally Invasive Surgery • Cardiovascular Center • Breast Center • Spine Center • Thyroid Pathology Center • Oncology Center • Center of Sports Medicine • The Women's Hospital • Colorectal Pathology Center • Diabetes Center

International Patient Services: Patient experience is always top of mind for all staff. And in this area, Hospital da Luz is also leading the way, by recognizing the specific needs and challenges of international patients. We consider your experience throughout the health care journey while working to ensure effective communication between you and your healthcare team at the time you need it most. Among the many ways International Patient Services supports your care in Hospital da Luz facilities, includes: • Presence of international patient service representatives • Experience working with international and Portuguese insurers • Attention to dietary and cultural preferences Additionally, support for clients who do not speak Portuguese includes: • Websites and patient portal in English • General phone lines with option for English speakers • Preferred language identification in your patient file • Physician/staff matching for language • Many patient forms and informative documents available in English • Bilingual communication support booklets • Multilingual multimedia system at bedside For those clients who are travelling to our healthcare units from another country, international patient support may include: • Physician review of case • Schedule of care coordination with travel plans • Cost estimates and financial guidance • Accommodation options at preferential rates • Discharge and follow-up planning • Availability to provide information and facilitate contact between your physician in your home country and the clinical team in Portugal

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