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Testemunho do Ministro da Economia de Portugal

In the past few years, Portugal has established itself as one of the best touristic destinations all across the world. The growth of this sector in our country has been a major key for the wealth creation in Portugal, and one of the main drivers for our economy. Last year, 2017, we broke new records again – revenue increased 20%, something we had not seen in the last two decades.

So strong is the performance of tourism in Portugal that it accounts for more than half the services exports and 18% of the exports of goods and services. Last year, overall, Portuguese exports kept growing and represented 42,5% of our GDP, a new record, which clearly shows how sustainable and resilient the Portuguese economy is.

We are also aware that the demand for high quality health treatments is growing, namely because of demographics, and we have identified that as a priority in our National Strategy for Tourism 2027. We have some of the best qualified doctors and nurses and modern and functional medical infrastructures that are able to serve both locals and tourists. Our healthcare system is recognized internationally for its universal character, we have thousands of hours of sunshine every year, we are in a strategic geographic location and we have 166 thousand rooms in modern and comfortable hotels.

For all these reasons, we elected “Well-Being” as an emerging asset in our strategy for 2027 and we are working on new ways to become more attractive for those who come here looking for the best treatments.

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Portugal - um país seguro

Na 12.ª edição do Índice Global da Paz, produzido pelo Instituto para Economia e Paz, que classifica 163 Estados independentes e o seu território, de acordo com 23 indicadores qualitativos e quantitativos, Portugal manteve bons indicadores, ficando à frente de países como o Canadá ou a Dinamarca.

Portugal é agora considerado o 4.º país mais pacífico do mundo pelo relatório, publicado no mês de junho. À frente de Portugal estão apenas a Áustria, Nova Zelândia e, em primeiro lugar, a Islândia.

A Europa manteve o estatuto de região mais pacífica do mundo.

Indice Global da Paz 2018
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Testemunho do Ministro da Saúde de Portugal

In the last decade, medical tourism has grown significantly worldwide.

New technologies, changing demographics, globalization and access to unprecedented amounts of information all converge and influence how we view the world. Also the improvement of transport facilities, mainly airborne, will continue to facilitate access to tourism and its development.

Decision makers are improving healthcare systems through the use of information and communications technologies, investing in safe and quality units, thus making it attractive to engage with tourism flows.

It is time to pool and to link available knowledge and experience across the world, providing a strategic overview regarding the nature of patient movement, including data on tourism-related flows and long-term stay.

Those who visit us have available healthcare services safe and of high quality.

Portugal aims to be a relevant destiny for medical tourism, engaging tourism and healthcare services. We need to achieve this objective in a balanced and sensible way. In both areas, Portugal has a prominent role and is at the top of the list.

Portugal has a sound healthcare system according to international standards, one of the best of the world at top 20, encompassing public and private sector, confirming a good performance. Portugal stands out for its quality and international acknowledgement and several international awards awarded for the tourism sector promote Portugal as a most popular and famous attractive destiny.

You are most welcome both as a patient and as a tourist.

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