In the last decade, medical tourism has grown significantly worldwide.

New technologies, changing demographics, globalization and access to unprecedented amounts of information all converge and influence how we view the world. Also the improvement of transport facilities, mainly airborne, will continue to facilitate access to tourism and its development.

Decision makers are improving healthcare systems through the use of information and communications technologies, investing in safe and quality units, thus making it attractive to engage with tourism flows.

It is time to pool and to link available knowledge and experience across the world, providing a strategic overview regarding the nature of patient movement, including data on tourism-related flows and long-term stay.

Those who visit us have available healthcare services safe and of high quality.

Portugal aims to be a relevant destiny for medical tourism, engaging tourism and healthcare services. We need to achieve this objective in a balanced and sensible way. In both areas, Portugal has a prominent role and is at the top of the list.

Portugal has a sound healthcare system according to international standards, one of the best of the world at top 20, encompassing public and private sector, confirming a good performance. Portugal stands out for its quality and international acknowledgement and several international awards awarded for the tourism sector promote Portugal as a most popular and famous attractive destiny.

You are most welcome both as a patient and as a tourist.