Restore physical capabilities, in Portugal

Our Rehabilitation and Convalescence Units meets the needs of patients who seek to improve or recover their physical abilities through various activities and programs so that they can again enjoy their lives with greater autonomy.


Rehabilitation exist for the following types of patients:


- Patients recovering from surgery or serious illness and who no longer need to be in an acute care hospital.


- Patients requiring medical stabilization consequent to episodes of acute exacerbations of chronic diseases.


- Services focused on Convalescence and Rehabilitation, especially in post-acute situations, with emphasis on neurological, orthopedic, and cardiac patients, and particular focus on stroke, hip and knee surgery, general post-surgical care, among others.

  • Hospital da Luz
    Hospital da Luz, the healthcare network of the Luz Saúde Group, is a leading reference in the private health sector in Portugal. Our commitment is to ensure the best diagnosis and medical treatment that talent, innovation and dedication can provide.
  • Lusíadas Saúde
    Lusíadas Saúde, is the first Private Health group in Portugal, with Hospitals accredited by Joint Commission International. We are a reference in the healthcare sector, through excellence, rigor and innovation, on all services provided to our clients.
  • CUF
    More than 70 years of experience and innovation into a healthcare model based on the quality of our clinical and medical staff and the access to the latest medical technology. CUF network facilities are certified by ISO 9001.