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Lusiadas Saúde is a group of reference within the health sector in Portugal and integrates the United Health Group, the largest health group in the world.

Lusíadas Saúde was founded in 1998, and provides care beyond the field of medicine. With a network that covers the entire country, from north to south, it was the first Group accredited by Joint Commission International, the most important north american organization for the accreditation of health organizations, and the only Group with HIMSS Analytics certified technology. Lusíadas includes over 6.000 highly qualified professionals, latest generation technology and is characterized by innovation, rigor and excellence in the delivery of health care.

About the Group

At Lusiadas Saúde our mission is to help people live healthier lives and to help make the health system work better for everyone.

Hospital Lusíadas Lisboa

Latest generation technology, solid and highly regarded clinical staff and prime location in Lisbon.

Hospital Lusíadas Porto

A reference in the delivery of health care and an experienced Team of professionals in a wide variety of medical and surgical specialties.

Hospital Lusíadas Braga

A differentiated and experienced Team focused on Client relations for a personalized care delivery.

Hospital Lusíadas Amadora

Hospital unit equipped and developed to deal with any kind of clinical situation, with complementary diagnostic/imaging tests and treatments.

Hospital Lusíadas Albufeira

Modern and functional, this health unit offers medical and surgical clinical services both as inpatient and outpatient care.

Clínica Lusíadas Almada

Integrated and comprehensive offer of medical and surgical specialties, diagnostic procedures, lab tests and nursing care.

Clínica Lusíadas Oriente

New concept of proximity, with extended working hours, medical and surgical specialties provided by a team of specialized professionals.

Clínica Lusíadas Gaia

Clinic with the quality assurance of the teams of Hospital Lusiadas Porto, with a comprehensive offer and a personalized service.

Clínica Lusíadas Faro

The Clinic provides specialty consultations and complementary diagnostic/imaging tests and treatments, guaranteeing quality and comfort to the client.

Clínica Lusíadas Fórum Algarve

Has its focus on Dentistry and Lab Tests, is open seven days a week with extended working hours in the Forum Algarve shopping center.