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Available Treatments

On this page, we present some highlighted specialities and medical procedures commonly sought by people travelling for care. You may also contact us to enquire about any treatment you need.



Aiming to reduce its impact on mortality and morbidity, our specialties skills focus on the heart disease are combined to achieve the best solutions, through medical treatment, interventional cardiology or cardiac surgery.


Medical-surgical specialty that diagnoses and treats skin, hair, nail and mucous membrane diseases, as well as sexually transmitted diseases. It is also dedicated to the correction of appearance disorders.


Otorhinolaryngology is a specialty dedicated to the diagnosis and medical and surgical treatment of diseases of the ear, nasal cavities and sinuses, pharynx and larynx, and head and neck surgery.

General Surgery

This specialty is dedicated to the surgical treatment of diseases of various organs and systems, including the digestive system, endocrine glands and abdominal wall. For this, it uses classical or minimally invasive techniques (Laparoscopy).


Medical Oncology is dedicated to the study and treatment of different types of cancer, such as breast, lung, prostate, colorectal, among others.


Orthopedics Units integrate orthopedists differentiated by type of disease, whose work is performed in constant articulation, in a multidisciplinary way.

Plastic Surgery

Aesthetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery offers solutions for cosmetic complaints such as corrections to morphological body changes, anti-aging surgery, as well as reconstruction and recovery from damaged or life limiting structures.


Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation is the medical specialty responsible for the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and organization of the rehabilitation of disabling pathologies and comorbidities of bones, muscles, tendons, joints and nerves in adults and children.

Are you looking for a different treatment?

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