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CUF creates new techniques to treat skin cancer

“CUF’s Urology team developed and implemented an innovative technique for the surgical treatment of prostate cancer – the CUF Technique.

The surgery, assisted by a distinguished robot, is performed without contact with the intestine, which guarantees an even lower risk of surgical complications. This new approach, which is already gaining international recognition, also extends the criteria that until now determined who could undergo robotic surgery, making it accessible to a greater number of patients.

“We recently developed and started to apply in CUF, the extraperitoneal approach that avoids contact with the viscera, such as the intestine. The new technique, called CUF Technique, when compared to the surgical technique used until then, intraperitoneally, presents a lower risk of surgical complications and allows, for example, to be performed on patients with respiratory pathologies”, explains Estevão Lima , Urology Coordinator at CUF.

The new technique developed by CUF’s urologists is still the only one that allows a robot-assisted prostatectomy to be performed in patients with multiple abdominal surgeries or with a previous history of peritonitis. Until the emergence of this new technique, these patients could only undergo conventional surgery.

“The approach we have developed consequently guarantees an even faster and less painful postoperative recovery, and it is often possible to perform it in an outpatient setting, that is, without the need for hospitalization”, says the Urologist.

The development of this technique has been receiving national and international recognition, namely through invitations to live surgical demonstrations at national and international urology congresses, and through the publication of the “”CUF Technique’s”” description in the international edition book “Springer Editorial”, dedicated exclusively to prostatic surgery performed by robot.

Prostate cancer is one of the most incidents and the fifth deadliest. Due to the dimension of its incidence, there is an urgent need for a continuous commitment to new treatment approaches. In recent years, several surgical innovations have emerged, from the use of laparoscopy to robotics. As a result of these new techniques, the risks of comorbidities have been decreasing and now, “with this new approach, we have managed to make robotic prostatectomy even more accurate, safer and available to a greater number of patients”, says Estevão Lima.”

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