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Lusíadas Saúde opens First Center for Advanced Endoscopy in Portugal

  • Unique solution in the treatment of serious diseases of the digestive tract inaugurated in Lisbon
  • Availability of the world’s most innovative technical means
  • Creation of the “Via Verde Oncológica” (Oncologic Green Route) providing a therapeutic response to patients within seven days

Lisbon, June 25th 2021 – Lusíadas Saúde inaugurates today the first Advanced Endoscopy Centre in the country, at Hospital Lusíadas Lisboa. This is a unique investment at a national level in the scope of Digestive Pathology, which brings together the most advanced technical means and qualified professionals for the diagnosis and treatment of serious diseases such as colorectal, stomach and pancreas cancers, or obesity.

Equipped with the most modern endoscopic equipment in the world and staffed by a team of differentiated professionals, the Lisbon Center for Advanced Endoscopy (CEAL) enables a wide range of endoscopic exams to be performed that can identify the entire spectrum of benign and malignant digestive diseases.

Besides the preventive diagnostic capacity, CEAL promotes the treatment of early oncological lesions, such as the removal of tumors at an early stage, without the need for surgery, through differentiated techniques, as well as the most advanced means of endoscopic oncological palliation.

The creation of protocols with professionals from other areas, such as Radiology, Pathology, Oncology, Radiotherapy and Surgery, gives rise to a “Via Verde Oncology”, through which patients can have access, within seven days of diagnosis, to an interdisciplinary opinion indicating the extent of the tumor and an integrated therapeutic solution.

“For the first time in Portugal, CEAL concentrates the best means of diagnosis and treatment of serious diseases of the digestive tract. Adding this fact to a clinical team with proven results in the assistance area, I am certain that we have all the conditions to give a timely and quality response to the challenges we face in this specialty”, says Dr. David Martins Serra, Coordinator of the Lisbon Center for Advanced Endoscopy.

At the same time, the Hospital Lusíadas Lisboa has created a Colorectal Cancer Prevention Unit (Polyp Clinic) with specialized consultations, held simultaneously by gastroenterologists and surgeons, for diagnosis, treatment and advice on polyps or colorectal lesions.

Another highlight area at CEAL is Endoscopic Obesity Therapy, by making available the innovative minimally invasive endoscopic surgery, which allows treating cases of Obesity type I and II, through a simple endoscopy, without any abdominal surgical incision.

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