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Lusíadas Saúde performs uniportal robotic thoracic surgeries for the first time in Portugal

 Interventions led by the team that launched this technique worldwide

Grupo Lusíadas Saúde performed, at Hospital Lusíadas Lisboa, the first uniportal robotic thoracic surgeries in Portugal.

These uniportal robotic thoracic surgeries – by a single incision – increase the precision of the surgical act and accelerate the recovery of patients with complex pathologies.

After Lusíadas Saúde had reinforced its investment in innovation with the acquisition of the Da Vinci system, the most advanced technology for robotic assisted surgery, Hospital Lusíadas Lisboa now reaches a new milestone with the application of the uniportal technique, with countless advantages for patients, surgeons and the hospital system.

The single-port technique was first implemented worldwide by Cardiothoracic Surgeons Javier Gallego, Coordinator of Thoracic Surgery at Hospital Lusíadas Lisboa, and Diego Gonzalez Rivas 10 years ago. Uniportal robotic thoracic surgery had only been performed in A Coruña by the same team of specialists in September last year.

In Portugal, at the Hospital Lusíadas Lisboa, surgeons Javier Gallego and Diego Gonzalez Rivas have now performed the resection of a tumor from the anterior mediastinum and a pulmonary lobectomy to treat lung cancer.

“The excellent post-operative results indicate that we have taken a big step forward in-patient recovery, because there is a single three-centimeter incision, and also because the precision of the robot allows access to inaccessible places in thoracoscopic surgery. To this we add the better visibility for the surgeon, who is sitting at a console with a high definition 3D image, with a larger field of vision and applying a smaller surgical invasion, allowing a greater safety for the patient”, says Javier Gallego, Coordinator of Thoracic Surgery at Hospital Lusíadas Lisboa.

These uniportal robotic thoracic surgeries are one more example of the Lusíadas Saúde Group commitment with the implementation of the most innovative world practices.

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