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Luz Saúde is the health private group investing the most in R&D

An Enquiry on the National Scientific and Technological Potential identified the entities with the highest investment in R&D.

Luz Saúde is the health private group investing the most in R&D (Research and Development) activities, reveals the National Scientific and Technologic Potential Enquiry (IPCTN20) carried out by the ministries of Education and Science and released last January. The IPCTN also shows that, specifically in the Health Sciences area, the group led by Isabel Vaz was the one that, in 2020, invested the most in R&D, among all the 78 health institutions covered by the study.

Globally, Luz Saúde invested around 7 million Euros in research and development (R&D), with emphasis on investment of 2.4 million Euros in Health Sciences and 4.3 million Euros in Clinical Medicine. Investment in R&D is carried out by Luz Saúde through Hospital da Luz Learning Health, a group company that promotes and develops advanced training activities for professionals, translational research and innovation in the areas of healthcare provision and management.


The IPCTN20 was addressed in March 2021 to 78 hospital institutions, corresponding to 394 units potentially enforcing R&D, enquired in the implementation sectors of State (369) and businesses (26). This current publication presents the list of the 20 hospital institutions with the highest expenditure in R&D activities in 2020. Globally, these 20 institutions represented 94% of the 60 million Euros of total investment in R&D made by the hospital subsector in 2020 and, in terms of human resources, comprising 94% of the 690 researchers in this subsector.

Centro Hospitalar Universitário do Porto, which recorded an overall expenditure of 8.2 million euros, was the only institution in the country that, in terms of total investment in R&D, exceeded the investment made in 2020 by Luz Saúde.

“The hospital institutions with the highest investment in R&D activities in 2020 – Portugal” (PDF)

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