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Oncologist integrates the “Nature” list of reviewers

“Diogo Alpuim Costa, oncologist at CUF Oncology at Hospital CUF Descobertas, Hospital CUF Cascais and Hospital CUF Santarém, is part of the list of scientific reviewers of articles in the journal “”Nature””.

The Portuguese oncologist is part of the list of reviewers since May 2021, along with more than a hundred researchers from around the world. To be selected for this role, it is necessary to be considered by peers and/or the editors of the journal as an expert or opinion leader in a certain area of knowledge. Diogo Alpuim Costa is a reviewer for the areas of Oncology and Hyperbaric and Underwater Medicine.

Usually, after reviewing the first article suggested by the journal, this “”status”” is maintained so that it is possible to review more future scientific articles in the identified areas. Reviewers may also be invited to write a review article on a topic considered relevant, which only happens after being invited by the journal’s editorial department.

The young oncologist considers that being part of this panel is “an honor and a privilege to have been considered and included in the list of reviewers, a factor that could also increase the visibility of the institution to which I am affiliated, in this case CUF Oncologia”.

In addition to reviewing, Diogo Alpuim Costa has also contributed and developed scientific articles in his areas of interest, namely in breast cancer, head and neck cancer, cancer and microbiome (intestinal flora) and Hyperbaric and Underwater Medicine.”

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